Financial Data Sets:

The QualiMaster project will use high volume financial data streams as the main data set in the project. This will be real data from the stock market. In addition to the stock market, there are three other important market segments, which deliver data relevant for the financial analysis that will be performed in QualiMaster:

• Foreign exchange rates (around 160)
• Futures on indices (around 500)
• Bond markets (Estimated size: 200% of stock market)


 Social Web Data Sets:

 The QualiMaster project will collect, aggregate, process and analyze data sets from different web social media platforms including major Microblogging platforms such as Twitter. Such streams have high frequency, are bursty and noisy due to the variety and large number of contributors. In addition to Twitter, the QualiMaster project will collect web data from different sources such as newswires, financial blogs, public governmental data, Linked Open Data etc.