The QualiMaster infrastructure configuration (QM-IConf) tool enables domain users to customize a QualiMaster infrastructure as well as the running pipelines following the approach discussed in Deliverable D4.1. In particular, QM-IConf allows defining pipelines using a graphical editor, checking the overall configuration and enables the user to instantiate source code artifacts to be deployed onto the QualiMaster infrastructure.
Actually, QM-IConf is an example of a domain-specific configuration tool enabling the user to define a topological pipeline configuration. For more information on topological configurations, please refer to topological configuration.
This demo download completes the QM-IConf demonstration Video. It contains the November 2015 version of QM-IConf with the related Configuration (Meta) Model and, thus, does not require a login to obtain the actual model as shown in the demonstration Video. Furthermore, this version of QM-IConf allows resetting the entire model.

We provide downloads for the following operation systems:
• Windows 32bit Java (URL (release November 2015))
• Linux (gtk/x86) 32bit Java (URL (release November 2015))
Please consider the contained readme file for technical background and specific installation instructions.

Technical contacts:
• Cui Qin, qin@sse.uni-hildesheim.de
• Roman Sizonenko, sizonenko@sse.uni-hildesheim.de